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Pros Of Push Notification And Cons Of Using Them

For talking about pros of push notification we should go back a little bit. From the past till now there have been different communication channels and tools. Communicating with a customer and talking about the product, customer needs and satisfaction rate will be a shop owner’s concern forever. One of the newest ways of communicating is push notification. Push notifications are an “in-the-moment” communication channel.  They’re not suitable for promoting blog content, but they’re the best tool to send reminders about an order shipping, offers, abandoned carts and so on. Usually the content chosen for sending with push must be useful. Push notifications like any other communication channels have pros and cons which help in deciding whether to choose them or not. We are going to discuss pros and cons of push notifications as a communication tool and also we will talk about email marketing ups and downs in future. So continue reading to know more about pros of push notification and cons of push notification

Pros Of Push Notification

  • Measurable Analytics

When talking about pros of push notification we should point to measurable metrics. There are metrics such as open rate, read time, segmentation, delivery rate and conversion rate etc which helps us in tracking and evaluating push campaigns.

Push notification tools usually have analytics within the app and also you can connect them to google analytics and control the results.

  • Timesaving

Pros of push notification is also about time. Push notifications can be directed automatically and save a lot of time. The behavior-based, location-based and preference-based can be considered in categorizing. 

  • Limited Personal Details

Not giving emails and phone numbers and just one click is a great news for many subscribers. Some people don’t like to give personal info like email or phone number and between pros of push notification limited personal details may be the most popular among some subscribers.

push notification content
  • Increased Customer Engagement

Push, Email, SMS and other ways of communication are means of increasing customer engagement rate and push notifications have proven to be a good one.  With push notifications, rate of opt-in, click through and conversion has proved to improve. Subscribers do not too much for subscribing and reading the push alert engaging with them is easy.

  • Visibility

One of the pros of push notification is visibility. Emails may get lost in inbox or even worse spam box but push notifications are  Immediate and personalized context encourage users to take or finish an action.

pros of push notification

Cons of Push notification

Like any other thing in the world there’s a dark side for push notifications too. Comparing good and bad aspects allows us to make the best decision.

  • Behave Like Pop-up Ads

If you ask people to name cons of push notification they may name behaving like a pop-up ad for sure. Clarifying what the notifications are going to be about in the opt-in process can help the customer in clicking for receiving them. 

  • Everyone Uses Them

Push notifications have proved to be useful and that can be their pitfall. Most apps and websites send notifications, too many notifications irritate people and the consequence is blocking all the notifications in one go. So easy to use and high engagement rate may become cons of push notification.

  • Exposed To Spamming

Push notifications are short yet are a good channel for giving information and expecting action. That may be misleading and marketers use that more than needed. Using push notifications a lot exposes it in the risk of spamming.

emails vs push notification
  • Not Suitable For Carrying All Kinds Of Content

Sensitive communications like payments can’t be sent through push notifications. In fact one of the cons of push notifications is that they’re not suitable for carrying all kinds of content and email might be a better service for many means.

  • People Opt-out Or Ignore

Opting-out of Push notifications is easy just like opting-in and whenever subscribers feel irritated, opt out immediately. Also with customizing setting many would ignore notifications.

  • Some People Prefer emails

Emails open rate is lower than push notifications but it has some features which can’t be ignored. Emails can stay in inbox until you need them and you can read them more than once, which is not an option in push notifications. Also one of the cons of push notifications is the character limit which is not an issue in emails.

cons of push notification

What To Do For Not Losing Subscribers?

Push Notifications may be received by subscribers any time: while eating, working, watching Tv, etc. This can be irritating so To avoid losing subscribers, here are a few push mistakes to watch out for:

  • General Updates: Not all information is useful. Unless an announcement is newsworthy or time-sensitive, don’t send it. 
  • Aggressive Sales Tactics: Constantly sending promotional content isn’t a way of sending more and sticking to customer’s memory. Notifications must be personalized and based on interests and past behavior.
  • Blog Posts: Talking about blog content shouldn’t be placed in push notifications.Usually time-limited events are worth to be put on push notifications. 
  • Always Send Great Content: High quality and relevant content are two factors that makes push notifications a useful tool for subscribers.
Things to do for not losing subscribers

Just remember, one of the cons of push notification is that they’re by nature disruptive. If your message isn’t good enough or can’t inspire the right action, You are not using it right.