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10 Reasons For Sending Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications are one of the best features for websites and is turning websites into even more powerful tools for marketers.

Web push notifications are a unique opportunity for building real-time, in-the-moment connections with your prospects and customers and are better than SMS and Email.

The user doesn’t need to be on your website, whether watching a movie, doing work or reading an article they can see a push notification has arrived.

Re-engaging customers is an important part of marketers. Most visitors, who have already shown interest in your brand, need a push to come back and finalize a purchase. 

Web push notifications are highly visible, personalized and easier to work with. If you aren’t using web push notification these 10 reasons below will change your mind and start using it right away!


1) Hook casual web and mobile web visitors with web push notifications.

Most casual visitors won’t enter their email address. Push notification is a quick way to grab their attention and encourage them to visit the site again.

while requesting permission, encourage them with more of what they came for: the latest news, products, releases, etc.


2) Reach web visitors even when they’re not on your web site.

Web push notifications can reach visitors even when they’re not using your website — and it can bring them back to your site. 

All needed is an online visitor who has opted in to receive browser push notifications from you. This advantage makes web push notifications a better communication tool in comparison to other tools.


web push notifications

3) Creating a web notification is much faster than creating an email.

Web push notification and app messages are short and sweet. This helps marketers to create them very fast and send them. On the other hand writing a good email requires time, Eye catching subject lines, engaging copy and related images need time. And it must be consistent. It’s not a one time task. 

Sending a push notification is easier than email and most often engages users more.


4) Web push notifications help return your customer acquisition spend.

There are a lot of websites on the internet that might do the same thing you’re doing and sell what you’re selling. So you need to invest in your website and acquire customers. Whether using search or other paid channels, push notification helps you connect to your potential customers and even customers. This is a chance to help them purchase and inform them about promotions, sales etc.


email address

5) No email address needed.

Sending email requires email address and you have to collect user’s email addresses. Many visitors don’t like to give their adress or simply find writing it hard! Web push notifications are activated with just one click. So no address is needed and easy peasy!


6) Accelerate conversion actions.

Web notifications are a very good way for delivering offers, values and incentives at high speed.  Web push notifications can deliver targeted, personalized messages to opted-in browsers, and speed up conversions.



7) Easy to manage.

Marketing teams are usually responsible for communication and sending emails, push notifications and so on. Working with web push notifications is easy and a marketing team can align campaign messaging across all their channels. Sending real-time relevant messages about an abandoned cart, or an update about a transaction completed, helps marketers build a better relation with users and customers.


8) Big effect, low effort.

Using push notifications for communicating with users is easy and fast. It’s a more effective channel than other marketing channels. So you can get way better results with less effort. Who can say no to a chance like this?




9) Web push notifications are not missed.

The rule of the internet is undeniable in everyday life. People start their day with cell phones, continue it with laptops and end it with tablets or cell phones. Web push notification is a powerful tool for grabbing attention in this busy world. A relevant message can help users make a purchase and even cheer them up in the middle of a busy day.

10)Better ROI

Re-targeting with ads costs a lot. Email marketing services are not cheap either, especially for those with many subscribers. While with web push, for a very low monthly price you can send unlimited notifications.

Using web push saves money on re-engagement which you can employ in your acquisition channels. Web push notifications can give you better results in a shorter time.